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Welcome to Infinitypedia,
a wiki of creative universes.
26 articles written so far and counting

What is Infinitypedia?

Infinitypedia is a wiki that hosts many articles about fictional universes within an infinite Omniversal setting collaboratively created by its users. The goal is to create a thriving community that develops extensive shared universes together. Here, we celebrate the realm of fiction. You are encouraged to join and help contribute by expanding these universes and concepts - it's rather fun.

It was created as the official sequel to Gammapedia, a wiki mainly about a fictional universe called the Gammasphere and developed by people in a small IRC community, and is the official successor of the old Infinitypedia.

This iteration of Infinitypedia is focused specifically on the setting of the Chronicles of the Omniverse, a series of stories and video games being worked on by Derxwna Kapsyla. This isn't to say other people can't contribute still, nor will people be expliclty forced to adhere to the setting or rules that have been listed here for it's setting. As the old wiki said, "The Omniverse is a set that contains itself", which means that, should you choose to adhere to that policy, you can consider the setting of the Chronicles of the Omniverse to be its own isolated entity within a much larger- infinitely so, Omniverse.

Official Links

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  • 2023-10-16 Moved Infinitypedia to Miraheze.